interactive projection mapping


This speed project with  Marynel Vázquez was inspired by the work of a talented community of artists and designers that are using video mapping as a medium to reinterpret and transform banal, expected environments. The work of Pablo Valbuena was a strong influence over our explorations, and we sought to introduce dynamic interactivity to augmented sculpture as our novel addition to this community.

With the relative novelty of the KINECT, our response to its inherent screen-based interaction was to pull it back out into the physical realm. Developed in C++, Openframeworks, and OpenNI, we are using the depth mapping capabilities of the KINECT to evaluate the participant’s hand, and position it as the light source of the physical model. In effect, their hand becomes the sun, lighting or dimming our abstracted cityscape, and blurring the border of virtual and actual.

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