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Madeline Gannon is the Robot Whisperer

Discover Magazine | 12.22.2015

Madeline the Robot Tamer!

Hackaday | 12.20.2015

Watch a Robot Tamer Control Industrial Machines With Simple Gestures

Gizmodo | 12.19.2015

Researcher Trains Giant Robot to Sit, Stay, and Beg

The Creators Project | 12.17.2015

Quipt – Teaching industrial robots spatial behaviours for human interaction

Creative Applications | 12.17.2015

Design 3D-Printed Wearables by Pinching and Poking On-Skin Projections

PSFK | 11.04.2015

The Scientist who is making 3D Printing more Human: Madeline Gannon wants to unlock the designer in all of us

Popular Science | 09.09.2015

On-the-Body Design Method for 3D Printed Wearables

3D Printing Industry | 06.26.2015

Augment Your Arm: Designing 3D Printed Wearables on Your Skin

Leap Motion | 06.20.2015

Design 3D Printed Accessories Using Your Arm As The Interface

Fast Company | 06.08.2015

'Tactum' By MadLab & Autodesk lets you design 3D printed wearables directly on your body | 06.08.2015

Manipulated light projections become 3D-printed jewellery with Tactum

Dezeen | 06.04.2015

12 Fascinating Projects From the Bleeding Edge of Interaction Design

Gizmodo | 04.28.2015

‘Tactum’ By MadLab — Create 3D Printable Designs Using The Human Body As The Interface | 04.12.2015

Nightmare Bracelets Created with a New 3D Printing Design Method

The Creators Project | 04.10.2015

These Nightmare Bracelets Were Made by a New 3D Printing Design Method

Motherboard | 04.09.2015

What if We Could Design Wearables Right on Our Skin?

Wired | 03.27.15

Robo.Op – Creative Robotics Project developed by

Prosthetic Knowledge | 02.18.2015

[Best of 2014] The Year in Fashion and Tech

The Creators Project | 12.15.1024

MadLab Creates Beautiful 3D-Printed Fashion Accessories Using Creepy Virtual Squids

Complex | 02.14.2014

MadLab Brings Virtual Creatures Into The Physical World As Fashion Accessories

The Creators Project | 02.13.2014

These Intricate Collars Look Like Fish Bones, Are Actually 3D-Printed

Gizmodo | 01.23.2014

Madeline Gannon Makes Wearable Art using Gesture Controlled Squids … and 3D Printing

3D Printing Industry | 01.21.2014

Craft digital forms across physical bodies

3Ders | 01.08.2014

Modeling Tool Helps Designers Drape Digital Forms Across Physical Bodies

PSFK | 01.07.2014 


Amusement | 01.06.2014

Chronomorphologic Modeling by Madeline Gannon

Creative Applications | 01.02.2014

Kinect in Teaching: Playful Puppets, Terrains, Lighting, and More Breakthroughs

Create Digital Motion | 03.11.2011

Kinect with Interactive Projection Mapping

Kinect Hacks | 03.01.2011