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CrossFAB Workshop @ CHI 2016


We invite researchers in Architectural Robotics, Interaction and Fabrication to submit to CrossFAB, a one day workshop at CHI 2016

We created CrossFAB to bring together a diverse community of fabrication-based researcher in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Graphics, Robotics, Art, Architecture, and Material Science. We are inviting researchers from each discipline to participate in CrossFAB in order to learn about the unique tools, techniques, and challenges currently being worked on in isolation of one another. 

Our goal for CrossFAB is to build an interdisciplinary network of researchers that can move the field of personal fabrication further, faster!

To participate in CrossFAB, you must first submit a position paper. Submissions can be of two types:

(1) envisioned cross-disciplinary research projects (project ideas that requires skills or perspectives from several fields)

(2) experience reports on cross-disciplinary research projects (in-progress or finished projects in which the authors are collaborating across disciplines) 

We’ve provided a submission template here, and examples of past position papers can be found here.

The first round Position Paper submissions are due January 31st and should be emailed to

Find more information about CrossFAB here:


Why should I submit to CrossFAB?

Have a voice at the biggest, most influential conference on Human-Computer Interaction, CHI 2016!

Build collaborations with like-minded researchers working from different perspectives in Robotics, Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Art.

Be a part of an ever-growing network of interdisciplinary fabrication researchers.

Become an ambassador from Architecture to the HCI community.

What is CHI 2016?

CHI is the largest and most prestigious annualconference on Human-Computer Interaction. Over four days, the conference showcases new research by top researchers and industry leaders who are exploring cutting edge technologies and interaction techniques. 

This year CHI is being held in San Jose, CA, USA, from May 7th – 12th.

You can find out more about CHI here.

What is a CHI Workshop?

Workshops at CHI are organized differently than most Architecture conferences: workshops are forums for community building and the exchange of ideas. We created CrossFAB so a diverse group of researchers could come together, get early feedback on speculative projects, and to meet potential collaborators. 

To participate in CrossFAB, your must submit position paper and be accepted. We are limited to 25 seats, and anticipate 5–10 seats to come from Architectural Research focusing issues of personal fabrication and interaction. 

Position Papers are due January 31st.

You can find out more about CHI Workshops here.

What if I have more questions?

Cross-disciplinary work is always a messy process. We welcome any questions you have!

Please feel free to email us at


CrossFAB is organized by a cross-disciplinary team of researchers in HCI, Robotics, Computer Science, Art, Architecture, and Design.

Stefanie Mueller, Hasso Plattner Institute

Laura Devendorf, UC Berkeley

Stelian Coros, CMU

Madeline Gannon, CMU

Yoichi Ochiai, University of Tsukuba

Patrick Baudisch, Hasso Plattner Institute