workshops teaching physical computing, programming, and digital fabrication

Introduction to Processing

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

A 3-hour workshop that introduced the fundamental principles of Processing, an open source programming platform for creative coding, to attendees of [En]Coding Architecture 2013.  The workshop taught how to structure a program, the syntax of java, conditional statements, and the difference between global and local variables. Participants learned the basics of ‘sketching’ with code by creating a series of interactive programs with dynamic imagery.

Co-Sponsored by the Studio for Creative Inquiry.

Introduction to Physical Computing

Florida International University, Miami, FL  

A three-day workshop was designed to introduce physical computing for creative, non-engineering disciplines.  The hands-on workshop taught Arduino, a development platform, hardware, and community of tinkerers. Topics included basic electronics (soldering, resistors, and ) digital and analog I/O's, actuators (stepper, DC, and servo motors), and sensors (photocell, force resistive, potentiometers, etc.)

Introduction to Digital Fabrication

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

The madMeshMaker was featured in two introductory workshops: one introducing digital fabrication to college freshman, and another introducing both digital design and fabrication to high school seniors. The participants of both workshops came in with little to no 3D modeling experience, and no digital fabrication experience. Each workshop began with a brief lecture on CAD/CAM technologies, then a hands-on session generating digital geometry with the madMeshMaker. After the modeling session, the instruction team compiled the exported forms into a single file to carve from foam by a 4-axis CNC router.